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We had more snow in Port Townsend yesterday–four to six inches, drifting to 18 inches.

This let me re-experience another childhood memory: snow over the top of the boots and into the socks!

Our neghborhood

I took lots of photos of our neighborhood so everyone can show off their snowy house to their friends.  With complete overcast, the lighting was not as magical as it was on the photos I took last week.  The complete gallery is here.

The roads were extremely slippery.  I was standing on the road and suddenly found myself sliding down hill!  I’ll be driving later today and may put on chains to be sure I can get back up the hill.

Inside Cappy's Trails

I walked through Cappy’s Trails.  It was a lovely walk surrounded by snow-covered trees.  The snow photos are in this gallery.

Last week I saw only tracks of a cross-country skier.  On this walk, I saw several pairs of skiers.  Finally, personal experience of this rare sight!  Staying in Port Townsend all winter (which is barely begun) is giving me the experience of a true winter again.


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I Get My Wish!

We woke up this morning to find snow!  We see snow in Port Townsend perhaps once or twice a year.  Mostly it seems to have snowed while we were out of town.  This time we were here to see it!

Snowy day in Port Townsend

Snowy day in Port Townsend

True, there’s not a lot of snow.  The accumulation was  between one and two inches, drifting to four to six inches on our deck.  It’s been more than forty years since I’ve lived where I could expect significant snowfall, so any snow gives me a feeling of freshness and peace.

I got to take a walk in the snow—a childhood experience in Illinois that I’ve missed for a long time.  I see a totally different world when walking in the fresh snow.  There are tracks everywhere, each telling a different story.

When I first left the house, the only tracks in the road were footprints.  As I walked further, I saw more.

Here I see where a couple has walked to the mailbox to pick up their newspaper.  There I see where someone has walked their dog, with side trips to the edge of the road for doggy business.  Another person had taken their trash out for collection the next day.  Three kids build a snowman in their yard.

Some tracks were more difficult to interpret.  One set to the bluff and back looked like a tricycle.  I saw the same tracks later and now suspect it was a tricycle baby carriage.

I got a good look at my own footprints.  That was interesting because this was also my first walk with the new orthotics that I received yesterday.  Teresa tells me it has improved the way I walk.  They sure feel bumpy when I put my shoes on.  I get used to them quickly and find them comfortable enough to walk in.  It will take a while to see whether they make a difference to ankle and back pain problems.

The last set of tracks was a real puzzlement.  At first I could not figure out what made two narrow, parallel tracks.  As I walked up the hill I finally realized they were cross-country ski tracks.  Seeing where the wearer had sidestepped up the top of the hill confirmed that.  I have never seen cross-country skies in use in this area—we just don’t get that much snow.

For more photos I took on my walk, click here.

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Smaller than a credit card, only 1/4″ thick, it holds 1,500 hours of Dharma talks—more than I’ll listen to in many years.  That’s my new mp3 player: a Sansa Fuze with 16gb of memory. (more…)

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Welcome to my new blog

I plan to use this blog to talk about things that come up as part of my meditation practice.  I’ll also talk about related issues that seem relevant to our sangha–including notes on computer use and pointers to other sites I have found interesting.

My hope is that members of our sangha will post comments so we can all learn.

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Using WordPress

I’m using WordPress for this blog.  Why WordPress?  My photography blog is at blogspot, although I have not written anything in it recently.  I spent my career working with computer technology, and always learning about new technology.  So I’m using WordPress just because it’s different than what I have used before.  That’s how I learn.

If this takes off, I’ll host it at my own website (http://www.moxis.com) but for now I’ve set up a free blog at wordpress.com.

You should expect the appearance of this blog to change frequently as I experiment with different styles to find one I like best.

I’m sure I’ll be talking about technology issues, especially as related to meditation and tools for meditation, in future posts.  I’ll try to keep that to a smaller part of my postings and focus more on meditation concerns.

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