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Jigsaw Puzzles

Teresa and I enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles as one of our winter activities.  With the early dark and cold and wet weather, we like finding something we can do together inside.  Jigsaw puzzles have turned out to be something we both enjoy.

We work on relatively easy puzzles—500 to 700 pieces.  Difficulty varies a lot, even with similar sized puzzles.  We recently spent a week of off-and-on time completing one.  It was as if each piece were challenge. (The puzzle had subtle colors and repeating patterns.) Today we finished one in less than two days as all the pieces fell into place with little effort.  The visual design on this one was much simpler and after sorting pieces by color they just fell into place.

We always start by finding the edges, so we like square puzzles.  Irregular puzzles are more difficult that we like.

We get our puzzles from thrift stores, so missing pieces are a hazard.  The challenge is always: was the piece missing in the box or did we lose it under a chair?  When we complete the puzzle, we often spend some time looking for a “lost” piece, and we did that tonight.  The missing piece hasn’t shown up yet.

When I was buying puzzles last week, I also got a monster 2,500 piece puzzle.  And it’s a hard puzzle too with repeating patterns and subtle colors.  We won’t tackle that one right away!


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