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We had more snow in Port Townsend yesterday–four to six inches, drifting to 18 inches.

This let me re-experience another childhood memory: snow over the top of the boots and into the socks!

Our neghborhood

I took lots of photos of our neighborhood so everyone can show off their snowy house to their friends.  With complete overcast, the lighting was not as magical as it was on the photos I took last week.  The complete gallery is here.

The roads were extremely slippery.  I was standing on the road and suddenly found myself sliding down hill!  I’ll be driving later today and may put on chains to be sure I can get back up the hill.

Inside Cappy's Trails

I walked through Cappy’s Trails.  It was a lovely walk surrounded by snow-covered trees.  The snow photos are in this gallery.

Last week I saw only tracks of a cross-country skier.  On this walk, I saw several pairs of skiers.  Finally, personal experience of this rare sight!  Staying in Port Townsend all winter (which is barely begun) is giving me the experience of a true winter again.

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